Mosquito Control in Tampa Bay

Mosquitoes Carrying the Zika Viruses have been Reported in Tampa Bay

Florida Mosquito

Typical Florida Mosquito

Always Green Pest Management wants to alert you about information to reduce the mosquitos population in Tampa Bay.

We are especially concern about the recent spread of the Zika Virus in Tampa. This disease is not only very harmful to pregnant women’s offspring, but new research is being conducted regarding the effects to adults and seniors that the Zika disease may also attack the brain stem and have an impact on an individual’s ability to learn.

Always Green wants our website visitors to spread the word on things you should do to help eradicate mosquitoes that are living around us and are multiplying, especially after a rain. Please protect your neighbors, friends, and family by removing any standing water near your home that can support the breeding of mosquitoes. Please note, Always Green Pest Management offers a Mosquito Control Service that lasts for approximately 30 days, depending on environmental conditions. To learn more about Always Green’s offering, click on Mosquito Control Treatment

Mosquitoes breed by laying eggs in standing water. These eggs can produce flying mosquitoes hungry for blood in about a week. One teaspoon or bottle cap of standing water can breed and multiply mosquitoes quickly. These mosquitoes typically only travel a few hundred feet from the spot they were bred.

Here are some tips by Always Green to prevent mosquitoes from breeding:

  • Every few days, empty, turn over or cover any container that holds water: flower pots, tires, buckets, toys, pools and pool covers, birdbaths, trash containers, recycling bins, boat or car covers, roof gutters, coolers, and pet dishes.
  • Discard anything that can collect water: old tires, drums, bottles, cans, pots and pans, broken appliances, and other items that may collect water.
  • Put away outside items that can hold standing water inside your garage or shed.
  • Constantly keep flower pots and saucers free of standing water.
  • Some plants, such as bromeliads, hold water in their leaves—flush out water-holding plants with your hose once a week.
  • Maintain swimming pools in good condition and chlorination.

Please download the PDF flyer from Florida Department of Health by clicking on Mosquito Bite Protection in Florida

For more tips on preventing or reducing mosquitoes, visit You can also report mosquito-related issues to Hillsborough County Mosquito Control by calling (813) 635-5400.

The Department of Health has also created a kid-specific campaign called Spill the Water! at that has great information for families.



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