16 Point Pest Control Process

Always Green pest control includes the lania area and pool cage

Always Green Pest Management and Pest Control includes the lania and the pool cage

Effective and Long Lasting Results

Always Green Pest Management uses the latest technology

Our Always Green Team is ready to solve your pest problem with our 16 Point Process

Through years of research and local on-site results, Peter Eells as team leader at Always Green has perfected his own unique 16 Point Process to effectively target, control and eliminate pest and bugs. Always Green’s 16 Point Process was developed using many of the principles of Integrated Pest Management, IPM.

IPM is the newest effective and environmentally sensitive approach to pest control using the least possible hazard to people, property and the environment. IPM is a combination of common-sense practices that relies on information about the life cycles of pest and their interaction with their surroundings. This information is used with proper pest control methods to manage pests by the most economical means.

Always Green process deploys IPM techniques to limit the use of insecticides to a minimum by a series of pest management evaluations, decisions and controls by following a 4-tiered focus:

  1. Set Thresholds to indicate the pest control type of action needed
  2. Monitoring and Identify Pests to determine when and how to take targeted action
  3. Prevention – first line of pest control defense – outside perimeter established
  4. Control starts with less risky pest controls to target pests and do specific action
    • Treatments ranging from baits, dusting, pest specific traps, pheromone traps, focused pest control products and growth regulators as a last resort

First Priority Pest-Free Living

Always Green where Tampa truns for for pest control that focuses on the ourside

Always Green Pest Control covers the outside area with a protective barrier to prevent pests from entering your home

Always Green works with the customer to manage the indoor environment to successfully keep it a pest free zone by initial preparations, prevention, control measures, and following common-sense recommendations and directives. For example, Always Green advises customers to remove water and food sources that insects need to thrive. We work in partnership with our customers to identify and remove catalysts that promote pests and rectify issues conducive to spawning pests. We aim to provide pest control that’s greener and environmentally friendly for your living space. Always Green spends most of the Pest Control services on the outside perimeter as a defensive barrier. Always Green’s proven Pest Management keeps insects and almost all the pest control outside of the building where the pests are.

Correct Pest Control Treatment to Eliminates Pests

Pest Control Application

Always Green Pest Control includes outside treatments of structure surfaces such as eaves and even second-story exterior points of vulnerability

Always Green’s process includes extensive training by our technicians to administer the correct application amounts using the best-proven pest control methods to target specific pests. Our technicians are experienced in selecting the right products to solve your pest problem. Our unique pest control services will significantly reduce and limit the need for pesticides inside the home or business on an ongoing basis.

We are very strong advocates for deploying our own 16 Point Process that is environmentally friendly and effective. Our technicians are continuously trained to keep up with the latest developments in the industry. Our training program includes personal mentoring by the owner. Our knowledgeable technicians are experts at preparing the right application formulas to address the specific targeted area with the best application equipment available in the industry.

Our goal is to create a pest free living-space within the building for humans and pets, while significantly reducing the amounts of pesticide used inside your home or business while minimizing the environmental impact.

Always Green 16 Point Process

Inside the Home or Business:

    1. Comprehensive inspection of the building structure & envelope
    2. Removal, dusting and baiting of all switch plates in all “wet areas”, (kitchens and bathrooms)
      • Dust walls through switch plate openings with delta dust or borid dust
      • Apply bait gel to inside of switch plates
    3. Bait placed under sink cabinets and behind appliances and plumbing pipes
    4. Bait applied in laundry areas, pipes and around washer, dryer and sinks
    5. Window castings treated for all double hung windows and apply residual aerosol
    6. Bait placed in all active ant and roach trails
    7. Residual control product applied to inside of garage, porch, lanai areas & exterior doors
    8. Flea and tick treatment as needed
    9. Pheromone trap placement for targeted pests

Outside the Building Envelope:

  1. Detail inspection of adjacent structures including fences, sheds, playground sets, gazebos, pool cages, storage boxes, etc. ( Our goal is to identify possible problems and treat them accordingly)
  2. Complete Web Dusting
  3. Residual control products are applied eaves
  4. Perimeter structure treatment twice a year by applying a 2 feet up and 2 feet out barrier to the foundation using alternate termidor or residual treated every time
  5. Inspect and apply to plant and flower beds and scatter bait around structures
  6. Wasp Nest and spider webs treatment and removal
  7. Inspect and apply residual control products at building entry points and structural openings including windows, dryer vents, electrical boxes, pool equipment, AC piping, exterior pipes, etc.

Quarterly follow-up pest control service includes complete outside and inside services at no charge based on the customer’s request.

Additional Service:

  • Exterior Turf Flea and Tick Treatment and also Fire Ant Control is available, contact Always Green to learn more about these pest control service.